Month: January 2018


How to shine your car with chrome polish

The spectacular shine of the chrome is sufficient to make anyone jealous of your vehicle. Chrome is most popular after market addition to your vehicle that can change its entire look. Just give it a look and you will know why it has become the hottest product.

The shine of the chrome is not everlasting. It easily attracts dirt and grin and its look is spoiled. That is why it is very important to maintain it regularly.

The best chrome polish is soft and shiny. Made of chromium, it is used to cover other metals in order to beautify them. Nothing can be made out of it because chrome is extremely soft to handle. The incredibly shiny, reflective chrome wheels should be regularly cleaned and polished.

It is always advised to read the list of the best chrome polish before you buy one to wash the wheels. In order to polish it, you ought to clean it properly first.

Here is a step to step guide for cleaning and polishing chrome wheels.

  1. Rinse the wheels with a strong stream of water to remove loose dirt and break dust.
  2. Spray chrome wheel cleaner on each wheel on be one. These non-acidic wheels protect the shine of chrome. Such cleaners are a good choice whether the wheels are clear coated or polished with chrome.
  3. Use soft bristled brush to agitate the wheel. The soft and synthetic brush will remove all the dust and grim without scratching its surface.
  4. Lugging the nuts is another important task. It is the place where dust hides. Lug all the nuts and use a proper brush to clean them. The wheel should remain wet while you are working with the brushes. The water keeps lubricating the surface of the wheel and prevents the scratching of the surface.
  5. Spray the wheel generously with all-purpose cleaner because lots of dust is stricken to wheel wells.
  6. Rinse the wheels well and dry water completely. Patches of water can ruin the whole look.

Chrome polishing

Chrome polish is technically a metal coating on another metal. Being a metal, chrome is tougher than paint. It is interesting to choose a chrome polish for your vehicle. Metal polishes like steel or aluminum can also be used on the chrome. Just give it a look if the polish is safe on the chrome or not.

It is advised to follow these steps:

  1. Wipe your desired chrome polish on the wheel.
  2. Slowly spread it on to the wheel with the help of a drill.
  3. Wipe the wheel with a soft, clean microfiber towel.

The chrome polish for car adds a spectacular look to your vehicle.…