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All About Navigation with your VW!

Volkswagen cars are one of the excellent models both in style and comfort. It’s no wrong in calling them true pioneers in the automotive industry. They offer excellent designs and engineering at best rates with guaranteed services.

If you are one of the VW owners, then you must know what we would say! It’s an irresistible choice to be made, out of others. In this case, you will know about the navigation system of VW, all their models come with.

For those newbies, we will tell you about the GPS per auto. Big brands like VW offer their own GPS and music devices that are specifically engineered for their specialty cars. You can count on their quality and durability without a second thought. We will talk about the navigatore Volkswagen 2017 new has, which is highly recommended, irrespective of the purpose of your car.

Pre-loaded GPS: many of the cars do offer preloaded maps, which might be low in quality and not accurate. But, with VW GPS units, you get more of pre-loaded maps (sometimes up to 8GB, against the regular 4GB) where you get a whole lot of maps to drive safely all across the city and next one where you live. They also come with voice transmission, where you can go hands-free.

Apart from just maps, they also offer you the best low-traffic routes, alternate routes to help you reach the destination faster, and also speed limits. Isn’t that a whole bunch of needed stuff?

Rear and front Sensor cameras for parking: they give you signals, in red, green and yellow lines, telling you how far is it safe for you to take your car to parking, without hitting the one behind/ahead of you.

FM/AM radio: they offer you wide frequency to tune in on those hectic days when you are stuck in traffic. Or on those days, when you crave for some better music! They have automatic and manual search-both, for your convenience. It also comes with touchscreen (on high-end models), so you can change and tune with just a touch.

DVD player/CD/SD card: didn’t like music on radio, play it with your devices, in your own style.


Drive-In Comfort and Style

Do you love your car? Your car is an integral part of your daily life it also reflects the style and personality that belongs to you.  So it is imperative that you take good care of it and also equip it with all the gadgets and accessories that will make it look cool and classy too. So re-invent your car and great ready for yet another great drive or look forward to your next long road trip in style.

Here is a list of must-haves to give your car a complete make-over.

  1. Car fresheners

As you spend a relatively long number of hours sitting in the driving seat, cruising along –investing in some pleasant smelling car fresheners to make your car smell good all along.

  1. Dashboard organizer

De-clutter your dashboard and keep everything from the house keys, eyeglasses, coins, parking tickets to your phone in a proper place.

  1. Charger

Life without Smartphones is no longer imaginable, so having a car charger is a good idea to keep your battery alive and kicking.  A fully charged battery ensures you are always reachable and connected in case you want to get in touch with someone or anyone needs to contact you in the case of an emergency.

  1. Backup cameras

Backup cameras help a great deal in ensuring rear view safety with a fairly good range. The camera is generally fitted at the rear and comes accompanied with an LCD display which can also be made compatible for viewing your GPS data.The display can also double up as a DVD screen for watching movies.

  1. GPS and autoradio

If your car belongs to the old school that does not have an inbuilt GPS and radio installed, nothing to worry at all. Just check out the latest GPS autoradio carplay systems. Enjoy a wonderful driving experience listening to great music, staying up to date with the happening around you, as well as being able to track your destination. The news autoradio audi a4 is also a good option if your Smartphone has an android operating system.…